Waiting In The Wings

How do we know that the candidates that are running for President of the United States are the ones that should be President? How do we know that there is not one special individual that is waiting in the wings, waiting to come forward to be the next President?

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Born Again American

United We Stand

One Nation Under God

Think About This:

When GOD chose David to be King he was nothing more than a shepherd boy. He was not a Millionaire or a Billionaire, or a Rhodes or Fabian Scholar but just a man. It will take a man who knows the needs of the people one with common sense and not one who was a previous office holder. Maybe the next President of the United States will be just a man. It will take a just man one who is chosen by GOD to defend the rights of the people and their Nation. One who when he speaks the words will flow from his lips as does honey from a hive.

Hungry & Poor:

Have you ever been so poor that you had no idea where your next paycheck was coming from? Or if you were going to be able to have a birthday cake for your son or daughter’s birthday, and not just a cup cake with one candle on it.

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Sold Out:

The logo up above of the American Flag shows that I served this country; the lunch box and the hardhat shows that I am a working man; and the smoke stacks in the background shows our industry fading away.

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The American Worker:

I believe that everyone has the right to work in this country. Whether it is the union worker in our industry, or the mom and pop stores that fill the country on a smaller scale. No one should be denied the right to make a living to feed his or her family.

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Let’s take the shackles off of the large corporations and let them survive that are based and operating within the US borders. They should pay little or no taxes providing that they and their profits are also banked in US banks. Who cares if they pay taxes or not especially if they are employing millions of people that are making a living and paying taxes themselves?

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Government Control:

When Germany went to dominate the world it first started with its own Country and its people. By taking control of the way they would live and think and the things they could or could not do. Our Government thinks that we should have our own internal peace keeping force. Back then they were called Brown Shirts!

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Are we the American people really prisoners in our own Country? Are we not being held captive by our own Government?

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Government Employee’s:

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”

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Tax Reform for Your Family:

Have you ever wondered why the people who lived during the Great Depression where able to save money back then, and yet today we cannot even live from paycheck to paycheck without going to the cash station for an advance on our next paycheck?

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Taking Care of Our Own:

How about our Men and Women in Uniform? It’s ok for them to go to war to defend this great land, but what about when they return home maimed or dismembered? Do they receive the same care for their wounds and suffering? Or is it considered not our problem anymore?

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God and Country:

Someone once said to me that the Tea Party and its people are not of sound mind. Are they not like the people who were considered radicals when they threw the tea off of the ships into the harbor in protest for taxation without representation back when this country was first founded?

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Is it only the people in office that know what is good for us, or do we not have the right to defend ourselves from those telling us what is good for us and our families?

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Who or what am I?

You are probably wondering by now who or what am I? Am I a Democrat, or am I a Republican running for the office of President? I purposely left it off until now. I wanted you to read the entire page before you passed judgment on whether or not I was the right person for this position. Many of you probably would go either way by what was written but if you remember earlier I stated that:

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Contributing to the cause:

There comes a time in our lives when one man cannot do it alone. He needs the help of other concerned citizens to step up and give him a helping hand. If I could do this by myself I would, but you and I both know that it is virtually impossible for any one man to take on this task without the help of fellow Americans like yourself. I am not asking for large sums of money, but whatever spare change you can afford to give. Whether it is the loose change in your pocket or a larger sum that will help move this campaign in the right direction. Either way whatever you can give means everything to me and the good of the Nation.

God Bless you in advance and thank you for your contribution.

Michael Petyo

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