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Michael Featured on The Orange County Register Website – 11/02/15

The following is a portion of the article written about Michael Petyo:

Most of the dark-horse candidates run in obscurity.

The campaign trail for Michael Petyo, a 66-year-old general contractor and Navy veteran from Hobart, Ind., is pretty much wherever he drives his truck. He’s driven to Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Missouri, paying for gas and other expenses out of pocket.

Petyo ran for Congress in 1996 and 1998. He said his main concern is for the future of America’s children and that he has lived the life of a common man who’s known hunger and job loss, unlike the Republican candidates on TV.

“I listen to what these guys (say) and it’s like, ‘Hello, are you guys just reading my site, taking stuff off … and trying to relate to the working man and woman?’”

His news release tells how Petyo predicted that Scott Walker and Rick Perry would drop out by October. How he’s told thousands that Donald Trump is on an ego trip. And it also mentions asking Hillary Rodham Clinton to explain “Podium Gate.”

“This is where various podiums she spoke from disappeared after her speeches,” the release said.

Asked about it, Petyo said he hadn’t seen what the volunteer actually wrote in the release before it was mailed, but explained that Podium Gate was more a reference to Clinton campaign stops that didn’t go so well and that she chooses to ignore.

Petyo’s campaign has received some coverage in small-town newspapers. He said he was contacted by a reporter for a news service interested in chronicling his common-man campaign.

“They saw that it’s just possible I might be the next guy waiting in the wings, waiting to come forward and be president.”

Article was written by Theresa Walker / Staff Writer
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Stone County Gazette Article – 5/27/15

Take a look at the Stone County Gazette article about Michael running for President. To read a clear image of the article you can view the PDFs here:

Stone County Gazette Article Top
Stone County Gazette Article Bottom Left



Des Moines, Iowa Trip Recap – 5/18/15

May 16th

Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo enjoyed an evening in Des Moines, Iowa meeting and greeting folks from all over the State at their annual Lincoln Day Dinner. Somewhere between 1300 to 1400 people participated at the event. Not only did he meet with some of the folks, but was also interviewed by some of the major news affiliates. Michael explained that his presences there was to bring attention to the unemployment crisis for working men and women in the country. Michael continues to bring up issues about the candidates that are running or should I say not running, but getting all of the network attention. People are being shown candidates that they are not necessarily interested in seeing. The people believe that the people should have a say as to who they are really interested in hearing from. They have repeatedly mentioned that the people are looking for those candidates that are not in the limelight, but should be. Michael agrees and urges voters to visit his website and see what real people are saying about Saving the Soul of America.

May 16th

Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo while meeting and greeting people as they walked through the front door met with a couple supporting Dr. Ben Carson. He explained that the reason for meeting them at the front door was because he was not allowed to place any of his literature at the tables and was not allowed to speak at the event. The wife was actually disturbed that why he was not allowed to tell folks who he was, and she made the comment “Was this still not America”? Michael agreed, but she went further on to say that after listening to Michael speak she felt that Dr. Ben Carson, and Michael had something in common. She expressed her concerns, and assured Michael that she would give Dr. Ben Carson one of Michael’s cards, and would also ask him visit his web page, because she felt it was the right thing to do.

May 16th

Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo enjoyed many photo ops with Abraham Lincoln and others from foreign countries. He personally met with two ladies from China who insisted on having a photo with him to show the folks at home the next President of the United States. Needles to say Michael was pleased at the outcome of being considered the next President. He believes that in speaking to them they felt that he was sincere with his message and they felt that he was speaking to them about real issues and not telling them what he wanted them to hear, but what the people wanted to hear.

May 16th

Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo enjoyed the dinner they had at the Lincoln Day function, but actually brought a nut roll from Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church for desert at his table. He felt that it was necessary to get to know the people at his table by bring home made goodies for the folks to enjoy. Of course the entire nut roll was not consumed by the table so Michael shared the rest with the news media there.

May 16th

Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo left the reception that evening and headed home so that he would be rested up for another week of moving his campaign forward.

Traveling to Des Moines, Iowa – 5/16/15

Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo is traveling to Des Moines this morning to attend the Lincoln Day Dinner where he will meet and greet 1200 people at the Iowa Event Center. Michael will also be meeting with the local news media for interviews while he is in Des Moines.

Answering Questions About Being President – 5/14/15 to 5/15/15

Michael spent most of his time the last couple of days answering questionnaires on different subjects about being President. Some of the subjects were about a Terminal Brain Injury and Maybury V Marshall 1789.

Preparing for Trip to Iowa – 5/10/15

Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo is also the Cantor at Saint Nicholas Orthodox where he does a Reader Service while the Priest is away. He’ll rap things up for the week then on to Des Moines for Saturdays big event where he will meet and greet 1200 people coming to the Lincoln Day Dinner.

Recap of Missouri Trip – 5/08/15 to 5/09/15

May 9th
Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo travels back to Hobart, Indiana, but he also makes several stops along the way to speak to people in Illinois along I-57.

May 8th
Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo traveled to Ballwin, Missouri to stay with Father Sergii and his family for the night. When asked by their daughter Melania why are you going to Washington to be President, he replied, ” I am doing it for you, and all of the other children in America so that you will have a better life”.

May 8th
Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo traveled to St. Louis to meet with some prominent people who will possibly take his campaign to a new level. The group was impressed with his passion and desire to renew America’s values, and bring back 20 million good paying jobs back to working men and women who so desperately need the work. These are not menial jobs, but his plan is to bring back the 5 million Steel jobs that were lost and help renew the Steel Industry in general and also help the other industries as well.

May 8th
Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo traveled to St. Louis to visit Wren Elementary school in Ballwin, Missouri today. He met with the Principal Matt Miller for a warm reception to the school. Three teachers with their students met in one classroom where Michael spoke to the children and answered questions and also watched one of Michael’s videos on United We Stand. The video is about the Military Soldiers defending this Nation and there coming home to Family and Friends.

Branson Tri-Lakes News Article – 5/08/15

Here is another great article about Presidential hopeful Michael Petyo.

More Events Scheduled for Today – 5/07/15

May 7th 2015
Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo had two Town Hall meetings yesterday. One in Reeds Spring, and Kimberling City, Missouri. Both were successful, meeting working people and discussing America as a whole. Kimberling City was very interesting because of the comments from one special individual helping to point the campaign in a new direction. My special thanks to Michael Phares. Thanks for your wisdom and help.

May 7th 2015
Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo will be meeting with the local Clergy in Kimberling City, Missouri today discussing America and Family values, and Saving the Soul of America. Also where is America heading next?

May 7th 2015
Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo will be in the Music Capital of Branson, Missouri where live entertainment rules in the US. He will be concentrating on getting his message out to the Working Men and Women about the loss of jobs and how he has a plan to create 20 Million new jobs when Elected President.

A Quick Recap of Events So Far – 5/06/15

May 6th 2015
Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo was seen at the L & J Kwik Shop in Kimberling, Missouri to meet with the early morning coffee regulars discussing their vues on America. The morning crowd kept coming in all day from 7AM until about 11:30 AM. Hopes are high for the people in Kimberling having a working man running for President.

May 6th 2015
Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo met with the Stone County Gazette Managing Editor briefly today to thank him for his kind remarks on the article from Thursday April 30th addition. Michael will meet with Dave Abner Managing Editor Thursday May 6th to do a follow up interview about how he feels now that he has visited Kimberling, Missouri.

May 5th 2015
Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo was seen at Donnies Diner Tuesday morning in Branson West, Missouri. He met with The Ozarks Sentinel publisher and numerous patrons for breakfast.

May 5th 2015
Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo is on his way to a town meeting with the folks from Reeds Spring at the local City Hall facility. More to come after the meeting.

Michael Was Meeting and Greeting Today – 5/06/15

Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo was seen at the L & J Kwik Shop in Kimberling, Missouri to meet with the early morning coffee regulars discussing their views on America. The morning crowd kept coming in all day from 7AM until about 11:30 AM. Hopes are high for the people in Kimberling having a working man running for President. He was also seen at the local Wal-Mart meeting local citizens.

Michael Featured in Stone County Gazette in SW Missouri – 5/05/15

Stone County Gazette P1 001
Stone County Gazette P2 001

Republican Presidential Hopeful Visits the Ozarks – 5/05/15

Republican presidential hopefuls are as numerous as they can be, and often, lost in the mix, is the one candidate who may have a vision that is actually what the American people are seeking.

You won’t find it in any of the front-runners for 2016 – career politicians who use “speaking points” to lure voters into the belief that they have all of the answers.

This week, one hopeful candidate, albeit a longshot, is visiting the Ozarks region of Missouri.

Michael Petyo was born and raised in the state of Indiana. He served in the Navy in the 1960’s and 70’s before going on to own his own construction firm, The Image Makers LLC. His experience as a businessman gave him an appreciation for the contributions made by free enterprise to the economy, which he carries with him in his current political leanings.

His total time in elected office? None. Petyo has never served, although he has twice made a bid for Congress. However, that may not be a bad thing, given America’s disillusion with career politicians who are elected and re-elected and still fail to produce any real change. However, it’s more than that which could make Petyo an attractive choice for many Republicans and even some independents who are looking for serious change.

His views on the Second Amendment and issues such as abortion and gay rights are not always in keeping with the stated party platform, but they are refreshing and enlightening. During a recent interview I asked Petyo if he was for or against unions. “I’m for choice,” he said.

Petyo feels, like many Americans, that the country has lost direction and apathy is ruling the day. “We are becoming a nation of sheep,” he said. “We need to stop that. I don’t have all of the answers, no one person does. We need to be a unified nation with leaders that listen to the people.”

To be certain, he is a fiscal conservative who believes in the idea of hard work and its rewards. He is, however, also a realist who understands the need to make certain that hard work can only come about if there are jobs that provide the opportunity.

“Look, I’m running because I want to know that our grandchildren have the America we had., What are we really going to leave behind for them?” he said. “One man can make a difference, but only if he’s willing to get in there and do the work.”

Despite being the very first Republican candidate to file and declare, the RNC hardly knows him, and he isn’t allowed to speak at the Iowa Caucus (a gathering where the party provides a platform only for their hand-picked candidates). But that isn’t stopping Petyo. The Koch Brothers likely don’t even know his name, yet, and his war chest is more along the lines of a small cigar box. That isn’t stopping him either.

On Wednesday, May 6, residents of the area will have the opportunity to meet Petyo as he hosts two town hall meetings. One a t 2 p.m. in Reeds Spring (at the City Hall) and another at the Kimberling City City hall at 7 pm. No other presidential candidate has any plans to visit Stone County prior to the 2016 elections, and while you may think Petyo is a longshot, who outside of Chicago, heard of Barrack Obama before 2006?

View original source here:

Michael Spoke on 560 AM – 5/04/15

Michael was on 560 AM talking about how it was great other candidates are joining in the republican race like Dr. Ben Carson. Michael also spoke about himself being a declared candidate and about how steel production has decreased in the US thus causing layoffs. More issues were brought up relating to current politics.

Michael Will Be Traveling to Missouri – 5/04/15

Good news! CBS and Fox Are aboard! Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo will be traveling to Branson, Missouri to appear on TV and to campaign more. He will have more to comment on in the following days.

Michael Will Be In Iowa – 4/28/15

Presidential Candidate Michael Petyo will be traveling to Hiawatha Iowa to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Eastern Iowa GOP office, then on to Cedar Rapids Iowa as a guest speaker at their Lincoln Day Dinner this Friday May 1st. Here is a link to follow:

Michael Spoke on WUS 99.5 Chicago – 4/24/15

Early this morning Michael spoke on the WUS 99.5 Chicago radio station with Ramblin’ Ray. Michael talked about the working men and women, jobs in the steel industry, being a veteran and more. At the end of the interview Michael made a request for Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Takes the Wheel”.

Audio of the interview will be posted to our website as soon as we get it.

Michael Was Featured in the Post-Tribune / Chicago Tribune – 4/23/15

Michael Petyo has as much chance of becoming the next U.S. President as this column has of earning a Pulitzer Prize, but he remains undeterred.

“I have PMA,” he told me. “Positive mental attitude.”

The 66-year-old Navy veteran from Hobart proudly noted that he was the first presidential hopeful in the country to declare his candidacy for the 2016 election. Sure enough, the life-long Republican is listed on all the national political registries, alongside other GOP candidates such as Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.

“I didn’t do any of that exploratory stuff,” said Petyo (pronounced Pet-Yo). “I just dove in and declared myself a candidate, back in early 2014.”

He got his presidential run rolling in 2013 by first creating a website and then, last year, by formally filing his name.

“I’m tired of what’s going on in this country, and I decided to do something instead of just complaining about it. People are just sitting around while allowing Washington, D.C., to run their life. Not me,” said Petyo, who twice ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Congress in the late ’90s.

“I lost then but I believe I will be in the White House in 2016,” he said.

As he spoke, and spoke, and spoke, I couldn’t help but ponder his presidential run with pragmatic realism, not political idealism. He has no experience. No history in any public office. And no campaign war chest, let alone a super PAC funding machine.

Still, Petyo isn’t fazed, claiming his lack of political savvy has been a valid selling point with the voters he has met and swayed.

“What resonates with people is that I’m real. No lies, no agenda, no political smokescreens,” said Petyo, who has owned a remodeling business, The Image Makers, LLC, since 1988. “I’m an honest guy and I’ll always give honest answers.”

Petyo is convinced he needs only the springboard of media attention to launch him into the national spotlight. Next month, he plans on traveling to Iowa to get his first glimpse of that spotlight during the May 16 Lincoln Dinner fundraiser with other GOP presidential contenders.

“I was invited by the Republican Party, and this is what I need to get to the next level,” Petyo said.

Is he delusional or optimistic? Hopeful or out of touch? Admirably patriotic or simply wasting his time?

“There’s always the chance for a candidate to have a defining moment at an event like this in Iowa,” Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann said in a written statement. “This (Lincoln) dinner is an opportunity for our distinguished guests to set themselves apart and announce to Iowa and the country why they should be the next president of the United States.”

According to the GOP, other guests will include Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Scott Walker. And Petyo, who feels he has an edge over most other presidential candidates because he’s a military veteran, serving from 1969 to 1973.

Born and raised in East Chicago, Petyo has been married 43 years to his wife, Janet. The couple has two sons, Brian and Kirk, and two grandchildren, who played a role in his decision to run for president.

“Who’s going to protect our grandchildren from the wrath of problems facing this country?” he asked. “Put me in there and I’ll bring home the bacon.”

Petyo, who serves as cantor and president of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Hobart, talks with the passion of a Sunday morning preacher. He doesn’t have reverential oratory skills, but he certainly has confidence.

“Words flow from my lips like honey from a hive,” he said matter-of-factly. “I’ve been told that it’s like I’m talking directly to people, not over them.”

On political websites outlining every presidential candidate who is either declared or exploring a 2016 campaign run, Petyo’s name is listed among all the big names.

“A declared Republican candidate, Petyo is a rigidly capitalistic man,” states the site

“His experience as a businessman gave him an appreciation for the contributions made by free enterprise to the economy, which he carries with him in his current political leanings. He extols the virtues of business, big and small, for their power to drive the American economy and provide for the prosperity of the working class,” the site states.

Petyo says he supports Second Amendment gun rights, strong conservative principles and the defense of Israel.

“We are like an attorney in the world, to defend others who can’t defend themselves, and Israel can’t defend itself against bullies,” he explained.

He also expressed serious suspicion of the federal government, which alone should earn him quite a few Tea Party votes.

“I also have an answer to the national debt and I will reveal it in my campaign,” said Petyo, whose website is

Other than such future promises, the man has no political polish. He talks from his gut, not from a mental teleprompter. If he steps on toes from putting his foot in his mouth, so be it. He’s a working man who’s a work in progress on the political scene.

“Whatever campaign funding crumbs I get, I plan to use the best I can,” he said.

Petyo readily admits that political pundits would put his chances of making any kind of splash in the presidential race at “zero to none.”

“But I have to tell you, I think I have real good odds to win this thing,” he countered. “I just need some national coverage for this campaign to takeoff.”

He obviously needs more than that, but there is a bigger picture, he insists.

“Even if I fail, I’m winning. Why? Because I’m doing what our Founding Fathers would have wanted,” he said. “It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about doing the right thing. This is the right thing to do and I’m the right guy for this job.”

OK, maybe he’s a politician after all. I’ll update you later in the year.

Michael Will Be Speaking On WJOB in Hammond – 4/09/15

Listen to Michael speak on WJOB a Hammond based radio station today 04/09/15 in between 4-6pm.—streaming-audio.html

Michael Was Featured in the Northwest Indiana Times  – 4/03/15


Hobart’s Michael Petyo wants to give voters a choice in the 2016 presidential election.

“It’s not whether I can win or lose,” said Petyo, 65, a Republican who is throwing his hat in the ring to become the nation’s 45th president.

“I believe that the person who does run for president of the United States should be a working man,” he said.

Petyo’s grassroots campaign focuses on revitalizing America’s economy and moral compass in the spirit of the nation’s Founding Fathers.

“It’s like God’s putting words in my mouth,” said Petyo, cantor and president of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Hobart. “I didn’t plan any of this. I decided in 2013 to run for president.”

A Navy veteran and longtime business owner, Petyo said his campaign is geared toward working people. The loss of jobs, especially in America’s major industries, bodes ill for the nation’s future, he said.

“In our area alone, most of the industry is gone. Take the average steelworker making $50,000 a year and the loss of 150,000 jobs,” Petyo said. “Since 2001, we have lost 5.1 million steel jobs. I believe it’s time that we stand up for American workers and American manufacturing.”

The candidate calls for bringing American businesses back home.

“Who cares how much money business makes?” Petyo asked.

“Let’s take the shackles off of big business and let them survive (if they) are based and operating within the U.S. borders,” he said. “They should pay little or no taxes providing that they and their profits are also banked in U.S. banks.”

If the nation’s current direction isn’t altered, Petyo said, it doesn’t appear there will be much hope for Americans.

“What’s going to happen to my grandchildren? When a person retires, it should be their golden years and not years of wondering what soup can they’ll be eating out of next.”

To further his quest for the presidency and raise funds, Petyo established a website,

The symbols on the site’s logo speak to his message, he said.

“The American flag shows that I served this country. The lunch box and the hardhat show that I am a working man, and the smoke stacks in the background show our industry fading away,” Petyo said.

“I will continue to fight until the bitter end to get my message out.”

Michael Appeared on Chicago NBC 5 News – 4/03/15

Michael appeared briefly on Chicago NBC 5 news. His Northwest Indiana Times article was discussed.

Michael Spoke on WLS Chicago Radio Station – 3/02/15

Michael spoke briefly on the WLS Radio Station, a radio station based out of Chicago. Michael spoke about the immigration reform issue that is currently a hot topic amongst the candidates. He also spoke about the leader at this time in the candidate race, Scott Walker, as well as 5.1 million unemployed steel works and people living in Detroit wanting real paying jobs and not living on government well fare.

If you would like to interview Michael Petyo on your radio station, then please contact Michael on our Contact page.

2016 Presidential Candidates Website

Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Businessman and veteran

Michael Petyo

A “business first” fiscal conservative with a very optimistic view of the role played by corporations in generating wealth, Michael Petyo is himself a business owner who feels the United States has lost its way economically and that relaxed regulation on the private sector is the solution.

Declared 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Businessman and veteran

Michael Petyo

Michael Edward Petyo
Born: March 29th, 1949  (age 65)

Michael Petyo was born and raised in the state of Indiana. He served in the Navy in the 1960’s and 70’s before going on to own his own construction firm, The Image Makers LLC. His experience as a businessman gave him an appreciation for the contributions made by free enterprise to the economy, which he carries with him in his current political leanings.

A declared Republican candidate, Petyo is a rigidly capitalistic man. He extols the virtues of business, big and small, for their power to drive the American economy and provide for the prosperity of the working class. With little in the way of apology, he openly declares that large corporations should pay meager or even no taxes, so long as the people working for them are able to make a living and pay tax themselves. Requiring such tax-exempt companies to bank their funds within the United States, he says, together with the right of workers to purchase stock in the businesses for which they work, makes this system entirely fair and equitable. His fiscal conservatism also extends to criticism of stimulus money, which he denounces for being unavailable to small business, and foreign aid, which he believes should be limited in favor of caring for the American people first.

Petyo is also a strong supporter of second amendment gun rights, viewing them as essential to resistance against a tyrannical government. He claims that the disarming of a populace by its government invariably results in “democide”, or sanctioned mass murder.

Intensely suspicious of the federal government, Petyo supports the passing of a 28th amendment to the United States Constitution requiring that any law passed by congress must apply equally to Senators and representatives as to the people they govern. He criticizes congress for earning generous pay and benefits while being unable to plan a balanced budget for the nation.

Having never held public office (though having made two unsuccessful bids for congress), Michael Petyo owns his political inexperience, packaging himself as the average man who is best qualified to lead the nation. With strong conservative principles straying decidedly far right of center, he belongs to a caste of candidates intensely appealing to the Tea Party faction of the Republican party.